Mark Cuban Says Morons Use A Bank Loan To Start A Business


Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

Mark Cuban

Published on Jun 14, 2013
June 14 (Bloomberg) — Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economy and starting a business with Trish Regan at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on
Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Build Your Brand Starting With 1,000 True Fans


Starting a Business – 1,000 True Fans

FYI: Here’s a promotional vid for a business focused radio show that offers mentoring new to new businesses.  The show reportedly features interviews from recording artists every Thursday.

Business Rockstars1

Spotted at Yahoo Small Business

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Are Contracts and Mutual Agreements Necessary In Battle Rap?


Contracts and Mutual Agreements Seem To Be Instrumental In A Growing Industry

There’s been a debate about the fairness of pay in the growing battle rap industry. Here”s an excerpt [comment] from the discussion revolving around the subject :

The top tiers are free agents so they have no obligation to smack and he has no obligation to them. However a lot of these top tiers don’t have another successful hustle. URL used to be a promotional platform now they are an agency with a strong brand name. How strong is the brand name of the top tiers????? We will see there worth and who made who!!!

ILL-Will Drafted

Smack Says “No More Freebies” on People Stealing URL’s Talent & Talks NOME 4 w/ Norbes


Smack/URL Top 4 vs Slaughterhouse? Smack Talks Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don & NOME 4 Info

Beasley on The Direction of Battle Rap & How Other Leagues Recycling Talent Affects Battle Rappers

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New Music Website For Independent Artists: “It Music”


It Music Banner1There is a new music website for Independent artists,producers and music fans called “It Music” The site is FREE to join. It is a start up that is expected to get a huge makeover later this month. The founders also do concerts and live events for many recording artists.



Here are some highlights of the site:

  • -189,000 fans on facebook for
  • -Artists and Producers can set your own price for song sales. ItMusic does not take any revenue from song sales you just have to pay the PayPal fees which are about 5%. Make money off selling your songs or tracks
  • -It is 100% meritocracy based. You can’t pay to have songs highlighted – “featured” tracks are based on karma scores. Music fans votes on who should be “featured” not money
  • -Free storage of up to 10 gigs of music.

Joining The Site:

You can create your free profile now and get on board early.

  • Log on to
  • Create an account
  • upload or type your bio info
  • Upload your photo
  • Upload your songs for sale or just for promotion (click the SHARE button to upload music)

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Youtube Has Begun Forcing It’s New Channel Design On Users. Welcome “YouTube One”

Youtube One screenshot2

Youtube users are now being greeted with an inbox that gives them a deadline to update to the new Youtube One format. If user’s opt not to changeover it will not stop Google from converting the profile automatically by said deadline. The screen shot above is a view of what the new channel design looks like. Google claims that the new design is friendlier and more appealing to viewers on various platforms and portable devices.

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Is Yahoo Mail Secure Enough To Be Trusted?

Is Yahoo Mail Secure Enough To Be Trusted? Is Any Internet Based Email Secure?


[Reblogged from subzinfo]

I received a surprise text message recently.  The text didn’t really say anything special actually just a few words a hyperlink. What was the surprise then, you say? The surprise was that the text came from my own yahoo email account.

This makes two of my yahoo accounts in less than a month that have been compromised. The first incident happened the second week in March. I received a text from a family member stating that my email account may have been hacked. When I opened the email account in question I found two and a half pages of bounced [undeliverable] email notices.  Tsk,tsk this isn’t looking good.

I use my email accounts like work desks. Each one serves a different purpose and they are all active so initially my assumption was that I’ve somehow been careless. Perhaps I’ve allowed some type of virus to reside on computer and steal password information. Or better still, perhaps I’ve left an unsecured thumbdrive with my login info laying around [yeah that must be it, I thought]. If so, then changing login information should be a simple enough fix for all of this. Right?….WRONG!!

Upon closer examination of my “sent” box I noticed that there was no record of my account of sending any mail that resembled spam to anyone.  How could this be if I have so many “undeliverable” email notices bouncing back to me? A good ole google search with keywords “yahoo mail security breach” produced some interesting leads. It seems that hackers have been abusing lapses in yahoo’s security for months. One article even points the finger at wordpress. It seems that customers all over the world are having the same problem as me.

Check out these articles for more information:

Now that I have some insight my concern is beginning to grow. I noticed that my GMAIL account has been prompting me to add some new security features and now I know why. It doesn’t seem that yahoo mail is very secure these days and I suppose any other email provider could be just as vulnerable.

I was dismayed to find out that the U.S. Government has access to my emails and now it seems there are unregulated spammers out there who may access my account at will as well. That’s just friggin’ awesome.

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Youtube Continues To Make Changes To Channel Appearance

The latest change that Youtube has made to the channel layout is combining the total channel subscriber count with the actual subscription button itself.
Youtube Screenshot 2

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Youtube View Count Totals Are Frozen Since Yesterday

Youtube may be trying to change too much too quickly. I noticed that a few view counts actually had a total of zero views for active channels yesterday. For the channels that did actually display the total view count, the totals have not changed since yesterday.

SUBZINFO YT snapshot

Google has now began asking youtubers to upgrade their channel appearance to include a header graphic. This change seems to coincide with the now “bigger” header graphics on Google +. It smells like progress that Google wants to merge it’s youtube community with it’s start up Google + community but the problem is, that this will anger the folks who love youtube just the way it is. You know, the regulars, the folks that help to make Youtube one of the most visited sites in the world. These are the same folks who notice (cough) when play counts don’t update (cough,cough).

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Is Reverbnation Now Freezing Play Counts?

$50 gets you 10,000 Reverbnation Plays

-Social Proof

I’ve been monitoring one of the Reverbnation accounts that I manage. I’ve noticed that the play count on the profile page hasn’t changed in the last 48 hours. I’ve never noticed this happening before but I didn’t think much of it. My initial assumption was that maybe the server had a lag time. To me the previous assumption seemed responsible until I checked my inbox and found this message from a lady named Dorothy that works for a company that calls itself “Social Proof” :

thinblank-640x10After noticing your stats on ReverbNation I hesitated sending you this message, but I want to help you out.

I’m a Music Marketing A and R with, we do Social Proof Marketing for indie artists…ne ways. I was on Reverbnation and I came across ya page. I played [your song] and I like it, cool song. I was checking out your rank and I see you have [xxx] plays.

We help artists grow their fanbase and point them in the right direction. But before you can grow your fanbase you need to be positioned for success. You need to look the part. People believe more in what appears to be cool and popular.

Social Proof is the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. Imagine if a press release went out and it said your current rank vs a #1 ranking? It’s just gonna sound much better.

I’m working on a new blog about Social Proof which is a new marketing method artists use to move higher up in the Reverbnation charts and increase their social influence on all the major social media networks. Working with A and R’s in the industry I can tell you’re gonna need more social proof. I like ya music but unfortunately that’s not always enough these days. You gotta move up in the charts so you look better to promoters, fans, and labels.

Since I liked one of your songs I want to see you move up in the ranks. While I can’t give you any free promo to get there I can give you some info to move up in the ranks. We had thousands of artists use this service in 2012. But we spent the past several months going over the feedback from our artists who used the service to make it even better for you.

We are so happy that so many saw their Reverbnation ranking jump closer to that #1 spot. We even saw many get in the Top 10 in their region in 2012. But as much as we want this year to be great for you…it’s up to you to take the action and make things happen!!!

#NoHoldingBack #BeAmbitious #GoGetter #Victory #1

1. Click this link
2. Select 10,000 Plays $50

Good luck in ya music career…I’ll be checking in on you!! Best of luck!
PS: No Discount Code Needed (go direct and $50 gets you 10,000 Reverbnation Plays

thinblank-640x10Now I’m thinking that maybe Reverbnation has gotten wind of this company and has frozen the play counts. What do you think?

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Youtube Is Still Messing With The View Counts

A few folks were confused earlier this week when view counts on many YT channels began to decrease. It seems that Youtube has decided to reduce the number of total video views for any channel that have utilized the privacy option for their uploads. The new total view count only includes videos that are available to the public.

But even after it seemed that all the view counts had been adjusted YT channels are now sporadically displaying a total video view count of zero.

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